NARA 9-11 Commission Records - Scanned Jan 2012

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NARA 9-11 Commission Records - Scanned Jan 2012

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File Count: 96

NARA_911_Commission_Scanned_Jan_2012 (current folder)


DM B3 CIA 3 of 3 Fdr- 2004-04-09 Pickard Letter to Kean-Hamilton re CIA-Almihdhar-US Visa-LAX travel etc 155.pdf
DM B3 Detainees Fdr- Memos re Detainees- KSM et al 156.pdf
Footnote B2 Ch 1 Note 191 Fdr- Entire Contents- Hyde notes re ATCC 154.pdf
GSA B1 RDOD03000672 Fdr- Entire Contents- DOD event log 126.pdf
GSA B123 04016373-77 Fdr- 2001-11-29 DOD intvw Trugman Neil DC PD JOC 152.pdf
GSA B124 04016867-70 Fdr- 2002-01-02 DOD intvw- Baker Joe D Lt Col 151.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Alexander Corneleous- FBI NMCC prior notification.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Balisle Phillip RADM 133.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Davidson Mark H Capt USNR 129.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Group-Maples et al 130.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Henson Jarrell N 127.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Hunt Richard Capt 128.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Ingersoll Jason D Cpl USMC 134.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Latino Doane K YN1-SW- saw plane.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Marshall Paul Sgt USMC 135.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Suggs Chris QM2 132.pdf
GSA B17 RDOD03003829 Fdr- NHC Intvw- Toti William Capt 131.pdf
GSA B26 RUAL03004452 Fdr- Entire Contents- UAL Flight 93 Boarding Passes 139.pdf
GSA B28 03004577A-C Fdr- Entire Contents- GPMRC PMCC Entries Log and WNs for Aircraft Clearance Logs.pdf
GSA B72 03009430 Fdr- Entire Contents- Incident Log 01105577 141.pdf
GSA B72 03009433 Fdr- Entire Contents- DOD Doc Req 7 142.pdf
GSA B78 03010058 Fdr- Entire Contents- 2003-10-09 DOD Memo re ATOs 143.pdf
GSA B78 03010060 Fdr- Entire Contents- Diagram- AOC Battle Cab 144.pdf
GSA B79 03010514 Fdr- Entire Contents- 2001-10-19 Intvw- Jester John- Pentagon DPS 145.pdf
GSA B79 03010605 Fdr- Entire Contents- 2003-10-22 DOD email re Tyndall AFB weather personnel 146.pdf
GSA B79 03010609-12 Fdr- Entire Contents- USAF Memo re Langley visit- OPLOTs- Payne Stewart log- 2002 Hijack procedures 148.pdf
GSA B81 03010985-87 Fdr- 2002-04-06 Intvw- Sloan Fred R Brig Gen 150.pdf
GSA B81 03010985-87 Fdr- Withdrawal Notice- 2002-12-09 Intvw- Davis Hutch- Zeltins Brian- Long Bill 149.pdf
Grewe B1 Info Sharing Memos Fdr- 2001-10-26 FBI Memo re FISA changes 157.pdf
Grewe B1 Info Sharing Memos Fdr- DOJ Memos re FISA training n secure email 161.pdf
Grewe B1 Info Sharing Memos Fdr- Draft n Final- 1997-08-29 AG Memo re FBI Crim-Intel Contact 160.pdf
Grewe B1 Info Sharing Memos Fdr- Misc Doc Req 38 158.pdf
Grewe B3 Thernstrom-EPA Fdr- Thernstrom supp info 163.pdf
Grewe B3 Thernstrom-EPA Fdr-2004-03-31 Handwritten intvw notes- Thernstrom Sam- 2 sets 162.pdf
Grewe B3 Whitman-EPA Fdr- 2004-06-28 Handwritten intvw notes- Whitman Christine 164.pdf
Grewe B3 Whitman-EPA Fdr- 2004-07-09 EPA comments on Chp 10 165.pdf
MFR NARA- FO- Saudi Embassy- Massoud Rihab Dep Chief of Mission- 2004-05-11 200.pdf
MFR NARA- INS- Barry Catherine Barry- pg 1 missing168.pdf
MFR NARA- NA- CIA- Employee 17- 2004-04-29 189.pdf
MFR NARA- NA- INS- West Bill- 2003-11-13 197.pdf
MFR NARA- NA- NA- Small Richard- 2003-09-02 195.pdf
MFR NARA- State- Bodine Barbara- 2003-10-21 169.pdf
MFR NARA- T1T4- DOJ- Fitzgerald Patrick- 2004-01-28 181.pdf
MFR NARA- T1T6- DOJ- Fitzgerald Patrick- 2004-03-11 182.pdf
MFR NARA- T2- CIA- 2003-09-15 192.pdf
MFR NARA- T2- CIA- Redacted CTC Rpts Ofcr- 2004-01-13 194.pdf
MFR NARA- T3- DOD NORTHCOM- Honore Russel L Maj Gen- 2003-10-29 184.pdf
MFR NARA- T3- DOD- Zinni Anthony Gen- 2004-01-29 199.pdf
MFR NARA- T3- NA- McElligott Janet- 2003-10-20 187.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- DOJ- Wankel Doug- 2003-03-03 196.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- Currier Kevin n Ruppert Greg- 2003-10-21 171.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- Grigg Gurvais Clayton- 2003-10-16-20 183.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- Kosanovich Mike- 2003-12-11 172.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- Lormel Dennis M- 2004-01-16 185.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- McCants Timothy W- 2003-10-03 186.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- Regan Chuck- 2003-10-28 191.pdf
MFR NARA- T4- FBI- SA 85- 2003-10-29 173.pdf
MFR NARA- T5- Alston Bird- Winer Jonathan- 2003-07-14 198.pdf
MFR NARA- T5- CIA- Redacted Tim TMB Chief- 2003-10-30 193.pdf
MFR NARA- T5- DOJ- McHenry Teresa- 2004-02-13 188.pdf
MFR NARA- T5- INS- Cadman Dan- 2003-10-07 2003-10-17 2003-11-21.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- CIA- Employee 19- 2003-09-16 175.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- CIA- Employee 20- 2003-10-02 174.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- CIA- Employee 21- 2003-09-16 176.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- CIA- Employee 27- 2003-08-12- Withdrawal Notice 180.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- DOJ- Paylor Julia- 2003-10-01 190.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- FBI- Nesbitt Ron- 2003-08-07 178.pdf
MFR NARA- T6- FBI- SA 85- 2003-08-11 179.pdf
MFR NARA- T6T2- CIA- Employee 18- 2003-08-12 177.pdf
Mstr B109 RDOD03012030 Fdr- Entire Contents- Withdrawal Notice- Military Exercise Procedures 122.pdf
Mstr B109 RDOD03012185 Fdr- Entire Contents- Corr Ctrl n WN-2001-09-19 Rohrabacher Memo to Rumsfeld 123.pdf
Mstr B109 RDOD03012187 Fdr- Entire Contents- 1999-03-25 Draft Letter from SD to Rumsfeld 124.pdf
Mstr B109 RDOD03012192 Fdr- Entire Contents- 2001-05-11 Wolfowitz Letter to Tenet re Cole report 125.pdf
Mstr B16 RDOD03001705 Fdr- Entire Contents- NHC Oral History Spreadsheet.pdf
Mstr B22 RDOD03002424 Fdr- Entire Contents- Navy- 911 Lessons Learned.pdf
Mstr B22 RDOD03002426 Fdr- Entire Contents- Combating Terrorism Task Force Vol 1.pdf
Mstr B22 RDOD03002427 Fdr- Entire Contents- Withdrawal Notice- Combating Terrorism Task Force Vol 2.pdf
Mstr B23 RDOD03002461 Fdr- Entire Contents- List- Joint Staff on Duty 9-11 096.pdf
Mstr B36 RDOD03003804 Fdr- Entire Contents- Langley AFB Tower Strips 097.pdf
Mstr B36 RDOD03003808 Fdr- Entire Contents- 2003-07-14 NORAD Cover Memo to 911 Cmssn 098.pdf
Mstr B36 RDOD03003816 Fdr- Entire Contents- Noble Eagle Attack on America- slides 099.pdf
Mstr B5 RDOD03000669 Fdr- Entire Contents- NEADS Structure- 2pgs.pdf
Mstr B84 RFBI03009470 Fdr- Entire Contents- 2002-03-20 FBI PENTTBOM Docs 100.pdf
Mstr B85 RDOD03009675-79 Fdr- 1998-10-23 FBI Letter- Bryant to Carter-Deutch-Zelikow 101.pdf
Mstr B85 RDOD03009681-84 Fdr- WN- Concept Ops Millenium Prep 102.pdf
Mstr B9 RDOD03001060 Fdr- Entire Contents- Force Protection- 2001-09-20.pdf
Mstr B98 RDOD03010505 Fdr- Withdrawal Notice- DOD Summary of Sudan 103.pdf
Mstr B98 RDOD03010515-16 Fdr- I-98-78750 DOD Memo re WMDP Sub-group 5 Contingency Planning and Exercise 104.pdf
Mstr B98 RDOD03010543 Fdr- Talking Points on Sudan-Terrorism etc 105.pdf
Mstr B98 RDOD03010607-08 Fdr- Info Ppr- Combating Terrorism History of Programs after Khobar 106.pdf
Mstr B98 RDOD03010796-97 Fdr- DOD Memos re Terrorism 107.pdf
Mstr B99 RDOD03010804 Fdr- Entire Contents- DOD Bkgd re State Sponsors of Terrorism 108.pdf
Mstr BE INT04017859-Ashcroft Fdr- Entire Contents- Transcript- 2003-12-17 intvw- Ashcroft John 167.pdf
Mstr BE INT04017859-Reno Fdr- Entire Contents- Transcript- 2003-12-16 intvw- Reno Janet 166.pdf
T5 B38 Presentation 1 of 2 Fdr-Entire Contents-Withdrawal Notice089.pdf
T7 B19 TSA CD-ROM Fdr- Entire Contents- Aviation Terrorist Threat Presentation 153.pdf

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